Let's do an FAQ! (was: The image of transhumanism)

Nick Bostrom (bostrom@ndirect.co.uk)
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 16:25:15 +0000

Let's use some method. In order to improve the image of transhumanism, we need to identify what the weak points are and how they could be strengthened.

This suggests a nice two-phase project: (1) find out what the most common questions/objections are; (2) develop some good ways of answering them.

Let's begin with (1). I will make a list of the five most common questions/objections that I have encountered when presenting transhumanist ideas to outsiders. Could other people here who have a som eexperience in talking about transhumanism please do likewise, and send these lists of five to me (n.bostrom@lse.ac.uk). This should be very easy and just take a minute or two. I will classify the objections and count their frequency and post the results back to this list. That will naturally lead on to step (2).

Nick Bostrom
Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method London School of Economics