Re: Re: Glass music and related...

Bryan Moss (
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 22:24:03 +0100

Anders Sandberg wrote:

[Personalised generative music...]
> Maybe one could apply the work being done on
> wearable computers and affective computing to
> this. Clyne's ideas about sentics (wild as they
> might be) could also be useful.

I've been playing around with some simple MIDI programs recently and none of them struck me as being highly "creative" environments. I decided to set myself the small project of programming a nice new experimental interface for music generation. I've been toying around with different ideas and then...

> Damien Broderick described the mood of AI
> programs in _The White Abacus_ in that way, by
> mentioning what music they hear from the
> information nets.

After an exhaustive search (I never knew this field was so big) I found some interesting research on musical AI and object oriented music. I followed a few links around and now my small project has been inflated by the huge amount of ideas on this subject. My reading list will, when I've sorted through the list of books I found on the subject, no doubt be another several pages in length. Sometimes I hate the undying pursuit of knowledge!

What would be really rather nice - an interface where you can tweak certain emotions and feelings, perhaps created by interacting musical agents.

Here's some resources (in the form of huge lists of books, publications, etc): computer_music.html section-1.html

Sorry for the line wraps (50 chars just looks good). Btw, if anyone can recommend *good* books on the subject I'd greatly appreciate it.