Re: Glass music and related...
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 10:50:12 +0000

don't forget music generated by microprocessors! Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle-Jarre, techno, house, Caberet Voltaire, Deep Forest, HipHop
(yes HipHop, it does a great job of describing the modern urban
experience through electronically produced music, giving modern urban dance culture a frame of reference)
AirLiquid, RoniSize ('change my life....') the Orb, anything really on the Astralwerks record label.
The techno explosion is all about cheap disposable, recycleable, music made by the microprocessor/human interface. This is the folk music of the future. Is is the driving, pounding soundtrack to the information age. Passionate and dispassionate, pretty and sterile, virtual and virtuoso. Everything that technology promises to be. Slapping soulful house lyrics on top of clinically accurate beats is like slapping XML on top of HTML. Having eerie spacey synth pads play over distorted energetic breakbeats is like a cold ATM in a local fruit market. The replacement of jazz for acid jazz, roomfuls of violinists for a sampler, a conducter, orchestrator and composer for MIDI, virtual concerts via the internet instead of huge concert halls all represtent the digitizing, 'uploading' if you will of our common cultural aesthetic.