Justice's Return (Was: Re: The End of Privacy ?)

den Otter (neosapient@geocities.com)
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 16:34:09 +0200

Dwayne wrote:

> I would assume, myself, that it has more to do with the fact that
> zillions of europeans aren't shot to death by guns every year and
> so they can see for themselves how not living in a country armed
> to the teeth is healthier, despite whatever bullshit surveys the
> gun nuts care to trot out.

Do you ditrust the people of your good country *so much* that you don't want them to have the means to defend themselves? Sheesh! Better take the knives & hammers away too, not to mention cars (now there's a projectile that can kill over great distances) before anyone hurts himself. Let me guess, you (and a significant portion of other Aussies) have gotten hysterical about guns due to that freak Tasmanian killing spree, right? Talking about overreacting (if you'd consequently ban anything that killed someone, there wouldn't be much left)...The irony is that a well-armed population would have stopped such a maniac dead in his tracks (by shooting him, obviously).

When you outlaw or heavily restrict the use of guns, you give the most dangerous individuals in society, the criminals, a huge advantage over the "law-abiding citizens". In the land of the unarmed, the dude with the gun is king. No way that you can disarm the criminals too, not even in a totalitarian state. So dear anti-gunner, every time some innocent victims dies, gets raped, robbed or severly injured because s/he wasn't allowed to defend him/herself properly, the blood is on *your* hands too.

Here's, once agian, the *right* way to take on the crime problem: allow all citizens with a clean criminal record (for violent crime) and no obvious mental diseases to have at least one (hand) gun which can be used at home and carried (discretely) concealed on the street. Training classes which teach shooting skills, mental empowerment, safety measures for handling weapons etc. can be made compulsory for anyone who wishes to own a weapon, basically the equivalent of driving lessons. Only those that pass may own a gun. This service must be either free or at minimal costs, so that anyone can afford it. Conplimentary classes could include street fighting skills, using nonlethal weapons (which should be freely available to any adult) etc.

The use of video/audio surveillance is promoted. The government takes care of the surveillance of public spaces, beginning with busy shopping areas and (other) known crime hotspots. Gradually, safe corridors will be created, so that one has camera protection all the way from one's home to the shopping district, workplace etc. If you're squemish about privacy (what privacy is there in public places anyway?), you can always move into the countryside.

Shop keepers and home owners are incouraged to install cams & audios in and around the home/shop, and leave them running all the time (especially when they aren't at home/at night). Cameras are excellent preventive tools (much cheaper and effective than "youth reform programs" and such), and the best source of hard evidence one can have.

All cops get bodycams, guncams and carcams to prevent bad behaviour, and to serve as evidence in case of a conflict.

At the same time all "victimless crimes" such as the use of/trade in recreational drugs are legalized, and the penalties for the remaining (real) crimes go up. Murder is punishable by death, the mode of punishment being so that it fits the crime. Justice is served "swift & sure", within weeks of the arrest. Manslaughter is punished by 5-20 years of hard labor/regular prison, depending on the severity of the crime. Rape and other violent offences agains persons make one liable for corporal punishment and incarceration and the payment of damages to the victim, economic crimes/crimes against property result in prison (labor camps) and/or fines.

Prisons (and lobaor camps) are largely automated, there are different facilities for different types of offenses and inmates are not allowed to have physical contact. Conditions are sober but clean, food can be costumized to one's personal needs. Entertainment is highly restricted.

<obviously, there's a lot more, but this mail is getting long...>

There's a working solution for a large, modern society. Of course, I'd rather have libertarian-esque island life myself...

P.s: nice home page, Dwayne.