Re: Re: Glass music and related...

Anders Sandberg (
04 Jul 1998 14:39:01 +0200 writes:

> Extropian music is music that Extropians like ! Glass, Fripp and
> Eno, and Riley, along with other music, has a psychological aspect,
> the music is engineereed for a psychological reaction. The use of
> music for creative purposes is Extropian. It is Extropian to want a
> concentration of the mind, bringing power like Sufi or other sacred
> music. The use or drone, repitition, and ostinato have mind
> altering qualities if you 'Listen' to them.

The interesting question is if it is possible to design music more specifically to create the right psychological reaction. Right now it is an art/craft with a lot of rather disorganized knowledge. Maybe advances in biomusicology (yes, the subject exists!) could help make it clearer and more powerful.

It might turn out that we need to tune the music styles to our own personalities and representations to get maximal effect, any ideas on how to optimize this? This also fits in with adapting other mental tools to ourselves; we need a better way to 'install' them.

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