Re: The AI revolution -Reply

Hara Ra (
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 00:54:09 -0700

>How would such a robot react if required to save 2 very young children
whose lives were in mortal danger( say they have fallen out of a window), where the circumstances were such that only one child's life could be saved by the robot. Lets also assume the children were twins and that there was no reason to favour one over the other, or that there were no other characteristics known to the Robot that would allow it to determine which life would, potentially, be that most likely to be of most benefit to
>humanity in the long run. Could that not immobilize our robot ?

No. Not acting results in 2 dead, picking one, by any criteria, results in 1 dead. Picking the nearest, or the one on the left would do.

Try again!

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