Re: The End of Privacy ?

Hara Ra (
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 00:45:55 -0700

>What, you mean people will cut their legs off? Tie them to the ground
>and refuse to let them go? Nonsense. Most people won't move away, because
>they don't think more than five seconds ahead. But there's no reason
>why they're unable to do so; they merely choose not to.
>And many of them will die as a result.
Hmmm. Once upon a time, just above the worms, all animals had mobile larvae which then settled down for life. Oysters, barnacles, sea urchins. The sessile adult created zillions of eggs and sperm....

Then, somehow, the larvae became fertile, and the beginnings of vertebrate life began.

And, the USA was colonized by the mobile minority.

Sessile or mobile. Make your choice....

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