Re: The AI revolution

Hara Ra (
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 00:51:42 -0700

> Brent Allsop
>> So, what if a robot has this choice:
>> Kill someone, and allow 100 others to live, or
>> not kill, and allow the 100 others to die.
>> This would probably immobilize the robot, which is the worst choice,
>> so the Zero'th Law is:
> I would think that robots simply be subject to the same laws
>(or law) that we all try to adhear to. And that is simply to do the
>best possible. Part of that law is, to rationally reason and figure
>out what that best possible is as best as is possible. I think a
>robot could logically calculate that a person living is better than a
>person dieing and by induction that 100 people living and only one
>dieing is better than one person living and 100 dieing.
I never said Asimov's Laws had any use for practical robots!

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