Re: The End of Privacy ?/World

Borys Wrobel (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 12:43:45 -0600

> Michael Lorrey:

>Since the risk by crazies is currently near non-existent (you are more
>likely to be hit by a plane falling out of the sky than attacked by a

the problem is, will it increase?

> Show me a nut with a nuke and I'll be ready to show you off world
>capability (If its so easy for him to get a nuke, then it should be just
as >easy for me to build a nuclear powered rocket!!!!)

and thats a second one: it's much easier to write a puter virus than an anti-virus program, to build a nuke than a rocket, and way, way much easier to conceive a good biological weapon than a way to defend oneself against it, and I assume the same goes for actually making it.