Re: The End of Privacy ?

Anders Sandberg (
03 Jul 1998 12:31:16 +0200

"Bryan Moss" <> writes:

> I think the Japanese doomsday sect (Ohm?) is
> particularly interesting. AFIAK it was
> co-ordinated by one man (the leader, forget his
> name) who used some quite ingenious "brainwashing"
> techniques. Japanese investigators found that he
> used a system of voice synthesis to alter his own
> voice in a way that "imprinted" ideas on his
> followers. I don't know the specifics, or quite
> how feasible this is, but along with the drugs and
> electroshock therapy it seemed to work.

I would blame charisma and group dynamics more than technology. The sect was very keen on high tech stuff but it is doubtful it really worked well. The sad fact is, you don't need any subliminals to make people do stupid things.

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