Re: Ethics

davelook (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 19:30:29 -0400

>> What exactly makes something unethical is *your* opinion of the act,
>>even tho
>>I may feel it to be an ethical act.
>> Ethics and morals are totally subjective.
>>Dave L.
>>Ethics is not my field but I was never of the opinion that something is
>unethical because *you* perceive it to be. *** I always thought the acid
>boiled down to whether you were doing harm to another person or not.***

That itself is a subjective judgement.

>And not harm as you may narrowly interpret it, but harm as perceived by the
>victim of your actions (or inactions).

The victim and you may have very different opinions of an act. If you prefer to say that the victim should decide the ethics of an act, fine by
me. But you'd probably disagree once in awhile, in which case, who is "right", you or the victim?

Dave L.