ResidenSea (Was: Re: The End of Privacy /the World?)

den Otter (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 11:59:55 +0200

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> On the individual sovereignty side, we are beginning to see the start of the
> migration to permanent oceanic living. The former Chairman of Norwegian Cruise
> Lines is heading a company that is building a cruise Liner called "World of
> ResidenSea" which will be a permanently occupied residential liner, with 286
> condominiums. MAXIMUM condo price is $6.6 million. With the cost of cruise
> tourism dropping to the $200-1000 per day range, more and more people are taking
> cruises (more than twice as many people as in the age of the ocean liner as the
> only means of transoceanic transportation), which serve as an excellent PR
> machine for permanent oceanic living projects. Of the 286 condos on this
> residential liner, 65 are already sold, and the boat is not to be launched till
> 2001.

Interesting! I've done a HotBot search right away...

Maritime Replicas International Inc. Has some pictures and general ship info. Has a nice picture and detailed floor plans of some huts.
General discription of the undertaking. "June 22, 1998: Reports that plans to build the world's first seagoing resort are in danger of running aground have been fiercely denied by Bahamas-registered ResidenSea Ltd."

Looks like it's another dud. Too bad, the idea is certainly nice.