Re: The End of Privacy ?
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 19:06:19 EDT

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<< But for the rest of us, so what? Just move away from the people who are likely to be nuked and hope you avoid the odd random crazies. It's no big deal for those who don't want to boss others around. Unless Y2K takes the government down then DC probably will be nuked in the next couple of decades. So what?

A rather interesting argument Mark. First of all, I think that we all have a vested interest in keeping public officials alive while they're in office, or at least safe from terrorist attack. Second, what makes you think that everyone, or even most, will be able to move away from those who will likely be targeted? Third, I'm afraid I don't understand how your response to the idea of weapons of mass destruction proliferating amongst irrational psychotics can be "so what?". Surely the possibility of so much death and suffering that could be caused requires more than a "so what?" response.