Truman Show thoughts (some spoilers)

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Wed, 1 Jul 1998 09:55:32 -0700 (MST)

Something kept me from posting my thoughts and feelings on The Truman Show for a good while. I don't really know why, but I didn't like how it kept coming out on the screen.

Then, this weekend, I saw the film again, and was inspired to buy the score at the nearby Virgin Music Megalopolis.

And now I realize something. (Forgive my clever inarticulation of the following.) The music from the movie _feels_ Extropian to me. Spontaneous Order and such... what's a better example than music improvisation round the clock?

A note about the score... it's by Burkhard Dallwitz, with multiple tracks by Philip Glass. In fact, two of my favorite bits are originally from Anima Mundi, a very well-produced (and narrator-free) special on PBS a few years back. Philip Glass apparently scored the entire thing.

But all I know about him is that he "appeared" briefly on South Park for the Christmas "Mr. Hanky" episode. Has anyone anything more on this guy?


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