Re: Immortalist Qualms about Cosmetic Surgery?

Anders Sandberg (
01 Jul 1998 15:58:56 +0200

proclus <> writes:

> I think that Anders is right that things like face lifts and hair dyes are
> unlikely to interfere with rejuvinating technology, when it arrives. That is
> because they are superficial changes. Viagra and anti-balding drugs are not
> superficial changes, and the the life extension effect of viagra is probably
> fundamentally negative.

I wonder about that. According to what I have heard, Viagra is essentially a blood pressure drug (that was what it was originally developed for), so if you have too high blood pressure, it should actually be healthy (and in the hypotension case of course slightly unhealthy).

> Our obsession with youth culture is interfering with the
> transhuman objectives.

In what ways? Beside spending too much effort on the superficial stuff?

> As for the transhuman persona, I feel that it is important to act as a
> transhuman, not falsely appear as one. Cosmetic surgury can mask the effects
> of aging, so I avoid it. Life extension is a fundamental change.

A good point. However, looking good and youthful isn't necessary a false mask.

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