Re: Immortalist Qualms about Cosmetic Surgery?

proclus (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 08:13:37 -0500 wrote:
> I don't think letting your roots
> grow in grey or letting your skin sag has much to do -one way or the other-
> with life extension as I understand it.. as well, I think that the medically
> enduced efforts of a person to look young, feel young, and remain culturally
> attractive, can only enhance how one feels about one's self, enhancing one's
> sex life.. job opportunities... all that good stuff...

I think that the ageism of our culture is going to seem pretty ridiculous from the perspective of a couple of hundreed years. Discrimination against the elderly is not a transhuman activity as I understand it.

> my take on all of this is that life's length is not ultimately the goal, but
> it's quality and amount one can get out of it.
> Plus it's promoting your self as a transhuman..
> I favor enhancements of quality and excellence of the human condition of all
> type, including surgery and artifice.

I think that Anders is right that things like face lifts and hair dyes are unlikely to interfere with rejuvinating technology, when it arrives. That is because they are superficial changes. Viagra and anti-balding drugs are not superficial changes, and the the life extension effect of viagra is probably fundamentally negative. Our obsession with youth culture is interfering with the transhuman objectives.

As for the transhuman persona, I feel that it is important to act as a transhuman, not falsely appear as one. Cosmetic surgury can mask the effects of aging, so I avoid it. Life extension is a fundamental change.


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