Re: Technology Advancements (was: Generation gap)

Felix Ungman (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 10:39:03 +0200

Anders Sandberg:
>But there can also be cultural quantum jumps that doesn't involve new
>physical technology, such as the introduction of mind-maps, modern
>book indexing (which increases usability immensely) or the introduction
>of new notations in science.=20

I would call mind-mapping a technology, not a sub-culture. But then,
the border between technology and culture is fuzzy. Is transhumanism
a culture or a technology? Or is it just information?

>More philosophically, imagination is likely not limited since it
>can encompass mathematics, and by G=F6del's theorem we know mathematics
>is not limited - there are always new, unexpected and unprovable
>theorems. So there will always be things that can be imagined that
>cannot be deduced automatically (finding them may be hard).=20

Thanks for pointing this out. Now I know what to do when I retire :-)