Uploading and Nathan Myhrvold

Gregory Sullivan (sullivan@blaze.cs.jhu.edu)
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 22:23:23 -0400 (EDT)

Nathan Myhrvold founded and manages the Microsoft research lab. He gave a
speech at the ACM97 conference which was held March 3-5 1997 in which he
discussed the "future of software". The most interesting part of the
speech was about "uploading" or "humans as software". This idea is
commonplace for extropians but unknown to many and dismissed by many.
Myhrvold appeared to take the possibility of "uploading" seriously and
suggested he might want to do it himself. I was not at ACM97 but was able
to watch Myhrvold's speech by using streaming video on the web with a
Vxtreme plug-in.

can be used to access the speech.

can be used to access other speeches from ACM97 by, for example, Gordon
Bell, Carver Mead, Bruce Sterling.

The Vxtreme streaming video worked fine for me when I watched these talks
several months ago. I suspect it is still operative, but I can not check
now because my windows machine is crashed. Hope that does not happen
often to future uploads.

Gregory Sullivan