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On Sep 29, 5:30pm, Geoff Smith wrote:
} On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Joao Pedro wrote:

} > I saved this reply for later, as a sort of finishing touch, I think that
} > with the amount of people asking this kind of questions (in the last
} > week I think that was just me, not too much), you don't have an arguing

Possibly the number of people asking basic questions is low because the
others read the welcome message/FAQ beforehand...

} If you define your problems, it might be easier to solve them.
} I think the two major world problems are lack of freedom, and lack of
} productivity per capita. If you study economics, you will instantly
} realize that the free market maximizes these two things.

Right. It's getting that free market to exist, and stay extant, and not
get taken over by organized crime, that's the tricky part.

} Also, if you world problem is "not enough equality", then again the free
} market is not for you. If we were all equal, there would be no diversity.

Uh... If we were all equal in productive power there would be no
diversity in productive power, yes. Nothing obviously wrong with that,
as far as I can tell. In fact, some nanotech visions involve exactly
that: equal wealth because everyone has a totipotent general assembler.
Equality of wealth in the past has been correlated with poverty or the
specialized wealth of hunter-gatherers. This could change.

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