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Dr Memory wrote:
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> >Remi [welcome to the list] wrote:
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> >>Are right and left anarchism really opposite ideologies ? sometimes, there
> >>can be a fruitful collaboration. The best example, IMO, is the GNU project,
> >>a pure anarcho-socialist project (no property of information!) which gave
> >>birth to successful companies such as Cygnus.
> >
> > I have always disliked the whole idea of "left" and "right" in
> >politics (or non-politics, as it may be.) By saying that one is "left
> >wing" it gives the impression that the person in question has *only* left
> >wing tendencies when they may possess many "right wing" qualities as well.
> >The Advocates for Self-Government has a somewhat more effective (IMO)
> >method by dividing a chart into five different political sections then
> >asking key questions to position one on the chart. Although this may be an
> >improvement to the conventional left\right scale, it still leaves much to
> >be desired. Probably the easiest way to find someone's views in politics
> >is to simply ask their opinion on the purpose of government and why.
> By asking if the someone can ever justify stealing for any reason, and they
> answer "yes", you can guess on which end of the Nolan Chart,
> <>, (Top or Bottom) they should be
> catagorized in.
> (and if ya even wanna waste time talkin' to 'um)

I dunno. I recall that Heinlein, a free thinking libertarian if there
ever was one, stated that if it came down to him stealing or his kids
starving, he'd steal in a heartbeat.

I can easily imagine a scenario where a die hard anarcho-libertarian
would steal: If he/she were stuck in a country with no means of escape,
where his or her ability to earn a living was restricted by the
authorities because of his or her political beleifs.

People live by the ethics they can afford.

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