RE: left anarchy, right anarchy

pt3 (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 01:16:02 -0400

Estacado wrote:
>> Right-winged anarchism goes too far (IMHO) when it suggest the
>> privatization of all (such as for instance, oxygen supply in an O'Neill
>> cylinder), and left anarchism is wong when it contests the property of
>> personal goods (for instance, Emmet Grogan, leader of the
>> anarcho-socialists Diggers, telling Allen Ginsberg he was an ugly
>> capitalist, only because he wanted to retire in a house with a garden!).
>Actually, you haven't described anarchy in either case. Where I come
>from anarchy entails absolutely no laws.

I classify individuals of my species, as follows:

1. Parasite: One who uses force, threat of force, or fraud-words, in order to survive.

2. Victim. One who believes the fraud-words of a parasite, or, one who gets physically
killed by a parasite.

3. Producer. One make things or provides services in order to survive.

The parasites of my species say that they have these "laws" (so-called).