Re: Singularity: The Weird Future? (fwd)

Kennita Watson (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 00:20:05 -0700

I wrote:
>> Perhaps I've played too much D&D in my lifetime, but I haven't been able
>> to think of a wish to ask of my wish machine that wouldn't backfire and
>> still would handle the problem of rapists, megalomaniacs, homicidal and
>> genocidal maniacs, religious fanatics, etc. (think of the wishes such people
>> might make, and realize that you might not have much time to make yours,
>> since you definitely don't want theirs to get implemented first).
Ray responded:
>My wish would be that everyone on earth would realize that
>we are all limitless beings; that we are here voluntarily to
>participate in co-creation. And that each of us can create
>what we want when we want.

I hope that would work. It seems to me that these are fine as far as
they go, but some of the people above might not feel as you might like
about such limitlessness, cooperation, etc. I think it would get Big
Brother-ish to dictate how people should feel about these things.

Welcome to the list, Ray!


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