Re: left anarchy, right anarchy

The Free Marketeer (
Sat, 27 Sep 1997 12:45:50 -0800

> I have always disliked the whole idea of "left" and
> "right" in
> politics (or non-politics, as it may be.) By saying that one is
> "left wing" it gives the impression that the person in question
> has *only* left wing tendencies when they may possess many "right
> wing" qualities as well. The Advocates for Self-Government has a

Hitler was an outstanding example of a "left wing extremist" even
though he's portrayed by the "left" today as a "right wing
extremist". Such cult-like dichotomies do nothing to further

It really means little in practical terms whether one is "left"
or "right" in anarchy. The "left" wouldn't survive without
utilizing coercion (oxymoron!), or adapting capitalist techniques.
So by default, "right" anarchy is anarchy.

"Left" anarchy is nothing more than intellectual masturbation for
socialist and communist ideological refugees, particulary in the
highly-statist European countries. Along with well-intentioned
"liberals" in general, they are so completely brainwashed by
masochist-statist-think, not even anarchy gives the relief they
desparately seek. "Compassionate capitalism" is probably going to
be the new euphorism for approximating practical anarchy in the
years ahead.

Karl Marx is seriously rolling in his grave confronted with the
fact the Chinese Red Army controls the "means of production" by
owning and investing in private corporations. Not even the
militaries depending on "democratically appropriated funding" in
the West can beat that. I think its an astute sign of the future.

BTW, it's interesting that anarchy is "uptist" on that chart from
A.S.E.. It probably imparts "progress" subconsciously.