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Sat, 27 Sep 1997 19:26:05 +0200

> Anders writes:
> >Kennita Watson <> writes:
> >> I just finished _The Cyberiad_ and thought it was _great_. I put a
> >> poem from it on my Web page ( ).
> >
> >Yes, the poetry was quite entertaining, I can still quote some of the
> >poems (in swedish translation) from memory....


> >I do not envy the work of the translators,
> >Lem used quite a bit of punning, and especially in the story _How The
> >World Was Saved_ a lot hinges on the initial letter of different words.
> >In swedish the machine could make everything beginning with 'I' instead
> >of 'n' as in your excerpt; I wonder how much the translator had to
> >change?
> I presume there's a prefix in Swedish meaning "not" or "non-" in Swedish
> that begins with "i", but even so.... I'm awed; check out
>, and look for Stanislaw
> Lem on the used book shelves....

The most common negation prefix in swedish (I think) is "in-"...

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