Singularity: The Weird Future?
Sat, 27 Sep 1997 10:53:18 -0400 (EDT)

So we all agree - the future is going to be weird, right? But how weird?
Well we can't know, because it's a singularity. Maybe the singularity is
just an excuse for not making too many assumptions about our future - "it's
just going to weird." It saves us from making faulty predictions about
flying cars, domed buildings and laser guns. But is it going to be weird at

No, it's going to be anything but weird. Where we are today, our present
state, is weird. In the future, when we're in control, for the first time in
history things will be normal. I think people have confused the ideas of
'weird' and 'different.' The future will be different, very different, but
it won't be weird. The ability to change yourself into anything is not
weird, we consider it everyday. We look at ourselves and wish we could
change things, the fact that we can is not weird, just different. These
limitations of the modern world may create boundaries on our imagination,
they may stop us from exploring every possibility. But once we destroy these
boundaries, we set our imagination free. This is not weird, we will change
ourselves, and we will differentiates the boundless future from its
asphyxiated past.

You were born free, your imagination wondered about the infinite
possibilities of the universe. As you grew older you were crushed by a weird
reality, a reality that didn't play by your rules. Many people accepted this
and gave up their childhood assumptions of immortality, boundless expansion
and limitless possibilities. But a few of us would not give in, we have
taken arms against our boundaries and we ruthlessly crush them everyday. The
future will not be weird, it will be what you always assumed it to be.