Paradoxally, because of Jesus, we'll *all* very probably

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 20:48:19 -0200

I suppose there's some importance in the stuff bellow::::>

We'll, I ve already said, lots of times, I'm an "unreconvertable" atheist,
since I'm a positive one...

Another subject which I always defend is the possibility of ressurrection
via "past" scanning, reinstalling the structure of humans already consumed
by bacteria, fire, acid, etc...

Anyway, a very great and important problem has always been on my mind:

"When" science solves the problem of ressurrection, Y should people of
future ressurrect myself (and lots of yourselves too... )???

Some possibilities are:

1. I'll have been important enough to be remembered by them, in the future,
and they'll be interested in my ressurrection.

2. I'll have become myself rich enough to keep some kind of foundation, to
provide resources necessary for "solve it by myself"

3. They, in the future, will have opted for ressurrecting the majority of
people, at least after some point of the "sapiens age"...


- about (1), depends on me to do something, like, f. ex., shouting aloud (
and naked... hehe) all these ideas, from the top of Tour Eiffel, or Liberty
Statue, etc (kidding...)

- about (2), very improbable to a sci and, worse, a teacher too..

- so, just rests (3): but, knowing capitalist society enough, the
supposition of so much fraternity to using their resources to ressurrecting
so much people is really hilary... (not Clinton, sorry...). They (we) do not
even avoid that niggers from starving and dieing in Africa, or elsewhere...
and this is much cheaper... easier... and already feasible... But...
suddenly, yesterday, came to my mind ( I even took it by myself... nothing
of religious interpretations, please...) a great conclusion::::> If (when)
science really gets to ressurrect people from the past ( in the future )
they will obviously ressurrect Jesus, which, certainly will make a PhD, and
will understand lots of real things of the world and existence... If, after
that, he still continue on being a "good brother" ( even after of
disappointing on not being in heaven, like the supposed "Lord"), he'll
possibly work for being elected as, f.ex. the 1st Min of the Earth... and so
ressurrect all of his "brothers" (us, of course....hehehe) ... For other
side, he also said "who believes in me will ressurrect, get ethernal life
and go to heaven on my side... who not, won't..." Well, hope he'll
reconsider...hehehe... or, anyway... I'll trust in inteligence and will be
certainly ressurrected thanks to another guys.... f.ex. Galileo, Voltaire,
etc, etc.... Anyway, I suppode have found the possible better application
for Jesus story...>>> take fraternal behaviours, at least to that point in
the future... ( I think will write a "FP - future possibility"( ex sci-fi)

That's serious and ... strategic..., folks.....


(Brother) Gomes (hehehe)

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