Re: You mean I've missed something?

Kevin Redman (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 13:05:20 -0400


No truer words could ever have been spoken! (by Mother Theresa I mean!)

How do we clean up our own back yards when people in our country refuse to
see the mess! "Things are pretty good!" I hear them say.. Corporate
profits up finance profits up, yet our own standard of living seems to be
in decline!

I'm sick of the implications that this is a "mystical" event!

In my own back yard.. I have found documents from the 1800's warning of
these exact things happening! Thomas Edison was speaking on this form of
finance! Henry Ford was also well aware of what was happening. Church
elders and Popes wrote lengthy articles and Encyclicals on the issues we
were then heading into.

Read the constitution of The Knights of Labor. Available at most full
depository libraries.. on Fiche.

Unfortunately, I believe few people will do this because we are so intense
on promoting our own agenda's.
Divide and conquers as Adam Smith used to say.

What I believe is also unfortunate, is that, Mother Theresa was simply
cleaning up the "waste" our financial system has created. Someone has to
be a victim in a debt based system of finance. Better that those people
exist in another country.

Until the causative agent is removed from our system of buying and
selling.... we are doomed to a life of debt with the weaker being our

The present investigation of the IRS in the US is both the "tip of the
iceberg" and a form of "smoke screen" that will serve to protect the
Federal Reserve Board and probably lead to further consolidate it's power.

Sorry I beat the Anti-Banker drum but I feel they are viewed as heroes when
they are really our ages greatest villains

Let Peace prevail


> Peter Turlands idea sounds interesting, though I am reminded of
> something the late Mother Theresa said to a friend of mine. Four years
> ago he made an excursion to India as part of a pilgrimage to the Holy
> land. There he approached the venerable old woman with the question of
> what could he do to help her in her work. She told him to go home and
> clean up his own backyard.
> Steven Lee Stinnett