Re: The Common Public Interest, again
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 15:00:17 -0400 (EDT)

WesBurt wrote:

> It would appear that Mr. F. Mann's promising debate on the Neuro-Semantic
> Political Illusion Complex (NSPIC) is attracting the same kinds of flak
> Big Brothers intellectual gladiators as was received by a similar new
> enterprise started about one year ago by Eberhard E. H. Weber. My
> at that time were astonishment at the vicious opposition to open debate,
> concern that we may be, as a nation, too far under the Neuro-Semantic
> Political Illusion Complex to save our selves by means of open public

"Big Brothers intellectual gladiators?" Who is this aimed at?

"debate?" A debate isn't a debate until people start debating. If you want
to plan a debate it's usually a good idea to *ask* those who are apparently
joining the debate if they would like a debate. If you're being spontaneous
about the debate, then you shouldn't be planning the debate in the first
place. Just write your ideas clearly, remembering that many of us have
little time to spare, drop it in the meme pool and see what happens.