META: extropian META police

Anton Sherwood (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 21:39:29 -0700 (PDT)

Arkuat writes
: Poor Jim Legg.

Poor, poor pitiful Jim.

: He and his buddies (and perhaps some of his tentacles too?)

And is Ingrid a buddy or a tentacle?

: rudely conspire to barrage the extropians list with their
: little meme-bombs,

It's for your own good!

: reacted by squawking about "police" and being repressed,
: censored, etc. (when in fact, you have been merely rerouted around),

"rerouted around" sounds as if a public highway has been deliberately
planned to keep him from going shopping. Say rather that the (latest)
Neo-Jargon gang have inspired others to ignore them ... and those
coordinating the effort to ignore them have as much right to be
heard on this list as the ignorees have.

But I gather Legg has gone off in a huff already. Maybe
he'll spread a rumor that Extropians are shut-mind wankers.
Let's just hope he tells it to enough of HIS friends.

(Has FM told about the offensive man in Luxemburg, yet?)

I ask myself whether these guys would get a better reception if they
adopted a style more like (oh, let's pick an example at random) mine:
no long eye-glazing general expositions, just concise illustrations
of how the general theory applies to the matter under discussion,
with occasionally an exposition of a few paragraphs. (And then I
ask myself whether I'm just rationalizing because I'm too lazy
and/or scatterbrained to write long general expositions, and/or
too empty-headed to have anything to expound.)

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