Wed, 24 Sep 1997 17:49:24 -0400 (EDT)

Remember what the first step must accomplish. It must lift the NSPIC from

the minds of those who enforce the NSPIC. It's slow work!

Almost everybody enforces NSPIC. I find it really amazing that most people
don't realize they're doing it. That makes NSPIC self-enforcing. It's not a
matter of people at the top of a heiarchy enforcing it, but a matter of
everybody doing it to each other.

I agree. I think this is even more important when you consider

how many "adults" have the intellectual capacity of a 10-year old.

If we want civilization to *seriously* extropically evolve, it will require

having a larger number of people (dare I say "mainstream populace?")

gaining a greater understanding of the types of things discussed on this

- -prbnco-

How many people on this list saw the episode of "King of the Hill" where
Peggy has to teach a sex-ed class? What amazed me about this episode was the
topic of the average person's ignorance was explored on a mainstream
television show.

If this can't be done the destruction of Ingrid will cause terrible loss

and retribution.

>If you are implying that this list isn't up to communicating

through my

>AI, called Ingrid, then I would really appreciate being put in


>with one that could.

What is "Ingrid"?

The time required to implement AND to identify the barriers to

understanding NSPIC AND

to outline the benefits gained from understanding and transcending NSPIC


SERVED BY identification of a series of steps to transcend NSPIC USING

the Freeware

called The Ingrid Thought Processor.

Again, what the hell is Ingrid? Someone also briefly mentioned that it
wasn't available for the Mac. Why are a lot of people on this list so
wrapped up with it?

We have a list policy against debating "the basics", and it sounds like

Legg and Burt are interested in supporting government intervention in

private business relationships. We just got finished with a round of this

with our Dutch friends, but at least they were reasonably open-minded.

Reading the rants of Burt and Legg makes me doubt that there is much

chance of a satisfactory outcome.


So far, the debate seems to be getting off track. I'm beginning to wonder if
something useful will come out of it.