Eric Watt Forste (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 12:57:42 -0700

Just because a lot of new people have joined the list since the
last time we had a discussion of cypherpunk issues, there is a web
archive of posts to the cypherpunks list available at

I've been using this archive as my primary access to the mailing list
(which can get very political and very tedious at times) for the last
six months or so. It's reliable, and fast enough that I don't get too
impatient to use it. I find it ironic that it's located in Singapore,
but hey, more power to the sysadmin. ;)

If you just want to take a quick look, I recommend the analytical
essays posted by Tim May. He's quite the radical rabble-rouser,
but a very sharp cookie who spends a lot of time thinking about
the unfolding effects of computers, communications, and cryptographic
technology upon society at large.

He also wrote the hilarious satirical essay on Rapture of the Future
which can be found in the proceedings of Extro-1.

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