Re: Exactly what is NSPIC debating?

Harvey Newstrom (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 15:14:12 -0400

John K Clark wrote:
> >Jim Legg <>
> >[...] Your decisions will force my loss of formulation as determined
> >by Dramatica Theory.
> >Hal Finney <>
> >I'm sorry, but this is not comprehensible.
> Thank you Hal, I was starting to worry it was just me.

The only plausible theory that I have come up with, is that the NSPIC
posts are being run through a rule-based grammar translater that is
generating obtuse sentence structures. It reminds me of a program that
will take massive quantities of writing and generate random sentences by
looking for phrases and stringing them together. By hooking together
phrases that overlap by one word, it simulates a continuity of verbage,
but the complete sentences don't convey any real meaning.

(Also, I was starting to worry that it was just me!)

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