Last Brazilian Government acts

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 14:04:28 -0200

Just as general info, I will mention some of last acts of the Brazilian
Government, represented by
a demagogic and oportunist Mr named Fernando Henrique Cardoso ( and I even
voted pro him... they "never " show how they really are until they are there

1. Normal citizens just will have right to retire at 60 years old ( women
some less), winning, at most, ~ R$14,000.00/y
2. Congressists in just 8 (eight) ys will have same right, and with integral
salary ( > R$ 70,000.00/y) ( very convenient to his intended reelection )
3. He aproved the new Drivers Code: and rejected the obligation of airbag (
the car industries were against before...)
4. Increased the salary of Union's lawyers, and agronomic engineers in up to
200% >>> the responsible minister just said they were indispensable...

Just simple examples of the low influence of people in the decisions of the
great majority of governments, so-called "democratic". These are very far,
f.ex, from Rousseau's ideia of government, which should be simply the
executive agent of the State, which, for its turn, would *be* the people
politically organized...
When will the people have conditions to elect real representatives ???
( In reallity, this last paragraph is not true: a democratic gov is always
the mirror of its own peoples's personallity... in our case (brazilian) ...
: lack of responsabitity, political disinformation, disorganization and
immaturity... )



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