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Wed, 24 Sep 1997 01:54:54 +0100

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>Chris R. Tame wrote:
>> If you are really interested in learning about anything READ BOOKS! If
>> you think book reading is "boring" you clearly have little interest in
>> acquiring knowledge.
>There are books that I find amusing to read, there are books I find
>interesting to read and there are books I find boring to read (and
>usually stop in the beginning). I read several books about aging, a
>subject I find most interesting and disturbing but I never read a book
>about economics and would probably be bored to death if I would. It's a
>matter or choice and personal taste.
>I might read a couple of articles on the net about economy, I still have
>some doubts I would like to clear out. Perhaps one day I even read a
>book about economy!
But if you've never read a book about economics how do you know it will
be boring? There are, of course, good and bad books about economics
(not merely in content, but in style). But if you are seriously
interested in discovering the truth in any particular subject how can
the books about it be boring in general? If you are interested enough to
ask the questions surely you are interested enough to seek the only
effective way of getting the answers - reading books, monographs and
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