Re: Happiness (was Re: The meta-invisible hand)

Anders Sandberg (
24 Sep 1997 10:08:53 +0200

Eric Watt Forste <> writes:

> Keith Elis writes:
> >> Will there come a point in time when owning property becomes
> >> obsolete and there is not even a perceived link between wealth and
> >> happiness?
> Anders Sandberg replies:
> > Owning property, at least in the material sense, will become obsolete
> > once it can be manufactured or emulated so easily that there is no
> > point in hoarding it.
> You forget that you own your own body, in the material sense.

True. And my body will likely remain a scarce commodity until things
get very posthuman; there is only one of it, and I need it.

> People who have a less delicate attachment to the notion of
> property than you often (charmingly) seem to, think of their
> property as an extension of their bodies.

I wonder if they really see it as extensions of their bodies
(which is what Sasha would predict) or part of their territory
(which is what sociobiology would predict)?

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