Re: Processcycledonation and n-Body-problem

Hara Ra (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 13:02:38 -0700

Mikael Johansson wrote:
> I've had a discussion with my maths-teacher about a gravityproblem in
> association with the n-body-problem, and my question is this:

> When we now, as the Bovine has shown, can use an almost infinite amount
> of computer power, with a distributed computing system, over the
> internet; wouldn't then that be a solution to the n-body-problem?

The word "solution" has several meanings. The n body problem has no
exact analytical solution, ie an answer expressible as a finite set of
mathematical functions. However, one can solve for a numerical solution
which is inexact. The precision of this solution depends on the
resources used.

Note that the position of most bodies in the solar system are known only
to a precision of a few kilometers, which is adequate for most

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