Re: Just Evolute the Brain!!! (was Re: Is cryopreservation a solution?)

Hara Ra (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 13:31:03 -0700 wrote:
> John Lilly, the one that developed the isolation tank and does experiments in
> them with psychoactive chemicals <snip> and (aliens) said
> that we will switch from carbon based life forms to silicon based life forms.
> It makes sense, because if you look at the Periodic Table, silicon is also
> 4-covalent like carbon, next comes germanium then tin and then lead. The
> exact benefit of this im not sure, but im sure there are benefits, can anyone
> think of any?

Note that John Lilly hated the Silicon Life and found it to be
verrrrrrry BAD!

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