NSPIC Legg Debate

Freespeak (f-prime@activist.com)
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 21:25:53 -0700

At 07:22 AM 9/24/97 +1200, you wrote:
>Don't jump to conclusions, this is only the circumspection phase of the
>debate. Tell me what you think after you "See What You Think..." Feel
>free to send me an updated list of your elements and the related grid
>values. As yet I haven't seen any. Frederick, you may have an inventory
>of identified elements. As these become known from your emnail, they
>will add to my Ingrid program and the results will change on the
>website. It is empirically analytical and can show consensus.
A list can be compiled by studying:

#TL06: Discourse on Voluntary Servitude

#TL07: The Constitution of No Authority

#TL07A: The Anatomy of Slavespeak

#TL07B: The Nature of Government

#TL07D: Deep Anarchy

#TL50A: Semantic Rigidity, Flexibility, and Freedom

#TL50C: Bought-Into-The-System

Studying the above should reveal a great deal about
my mindset to you.

>Are you aware that Tony Blair, Britain's new PM, is trained in
>and seems to approvs of this repertory grid technique.

No!!! Really??? You must be kidding!!! Refer two-tribes story
and #TL07: The Constitution of No Authority:

>Royal - The Royal Illusion

I called it the "Royalty" Illusion. The quotation marks are important;
they indicate that I challenge the validity of the so-called "royalty"

To avoid distortion, please copy-and-paste whenever necessary.

The point I tried to convey with my post is that the entire so-called
"royalty" notion is an illusion. Refer 'The "Royalty" Illusion' post.

I classify *Royal* as you've written above as Slavespeak, an NSPIC Spook.

Frederick Mann

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