Re: NSPIC = Neuro-Semantic Political Illusion Complex

Richard Plourde (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 20:34:44 -0400

At 12:35 AM 9/24/97 +1200, Jim Legg wrote:

>> Leaving aside the appropriateness of such an evaluation in the
>> context of this list for the moment, I don't see that
>If you are implying that this list isn't up to communicating
through my
>AI, called Ingrid, then I would really appreciate being put in
>with one that could.

No. The question of appropriateness came up in a different post
from a different poster. As a newcomer to the list, I have no
satisfying way (except my patience, and the patience of others
reading my posts) of determining the effective culture of this
list. Therefore, I wished not to join any side regarding
appropriateness. I'm sorry if my choice of terms provided


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