META: extropian META police

Eric Watt Forste (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 17:15:44 -0700

Poor Jim Legg. He and his buddies (and perhaps some of his tentacles
too?) rudely conspire to barrage the extropians list with their
little meme-bombs, and then when (as usual) the techies start
arranging to route around the damage, even going so far as to offer
to redistribute a filtered list to those people who don't want to
be bothered with tweaking their own killfiles/filters/equiv, Legg
starts whining about "police".

Legg, a policeman is a guy with a gun telling you what to do. No
one is telling you what to do, and no one is threatening you with
any guns. The reaction to your unbridled rudeness and your utter
disrespect for the wishes of the members of the community you are
imposing upon has been one of remarkable restraint and patience.
But since you reacted by squawking about "police" and being repressed,
censored, etc. (when in fact, you have been merely rerouted around),
I'm tempted to shame you into ceasing and desisting. Hence this

Don't bother replying: you're plonked. But please do take your
social engineering schemes elsewhere. No one is going to argue
them on their merits with you, because of the clownish means by
which you have already sought to "legitimize" their discussion
in this forum. You've gone and shot yourself in the foot
before you even got started.

Eric Watt Forste ++ ++ expectation foils perception -pcd