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Kennita Watson (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 08:55:03 -0700

Nicholas Bostrom writes:
>This thread is closely related to the Carter-Leslie Doomsday
>argumen. I have a paper about this:
I notice that I don't want to follow this URL -- not because
I don't like Nicholas or his writings or his topic, whatever
it means, but because I worry that I don't have the time to
read it (note that I assume that it's long), and I feel

Exploring my reactions, I note that I have learned about as
much as I have time to learn or feel that I need to learn about
medicine and physiology from Medline, which consists entirely
of abstracts. Is it time for an Exline? I think this would be
a "peer-reviewed" online journal of articles, research, and
debate on futurist topics. The part most useful to me is that
in order to be eligible for inclusion in such a journal, writers
would be required to supply abstracts for their material that
could be searched and read by busy individuals such as myself.

What I haven't figured out is why someone would run such a
thing, and why people would consent to review writings -- how
would they get paid? Presumably if the reviewers are of high
enough reputation, writers will do the abstracts just so they
can submit the papers for review (hm -- this might also result
in some more well-thought-out writings). Somehow it seems that
subscriptions wouldn't work, because there's so much information
available for free. Maybe a time-delay subscription, where
people who pay get more articles?

Darn it, what would *you* pay for?


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