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Upon reading the Neo-Tech literature ["Neo-Tech" stands for
"fully-integrated honesty"], one find statements claiming Frank R.
Wallace [the founder of "Neo-Tech"] is descended from "William Wallace".
Those who watched the movie "Braveheart" realize that Wallace was a
"freedom fighter" who saw through "Longshanks" masquerade and fought
against his tyranny.

The nub of it is that the Neo-Tech literature also reveals that Frank R.
Wallace is *a pen name*. He was trying to gain unearned respectability
for his literature by falsely *branding* himself as a descendent of
"Braveheart", much the same way as "royalty" attempt to gain unearned
respectability by *branding* themselves as descendants of prior fools
and impostors who masqueraded around as "royalty".

So much for "fully integrated honesty", eh? Although the NT literature
has a lot of profound information, there is also a lot of bunk one must
weed through.

Braveheart also realized the claim of everyone who resided in Longshanks
"territory" were his subjects by default was a farce. He argued that
since he NEVER sworn allegiance to "Longshanks", he could not be his
"subject". As Spooner stated in chapter 18 of "No Treason No. VI: The
Constitution of No Authority"

"Thus it is evident that all these men, who call themselves by the
high-sounding names of Emperors, Kings, Sovereigns, Monarchs, Most
Christian Majesties, Most Catholic Majesties, High Mightinesses, Most
Serene and Potent Princes, and the like, and who claim to rule "by the
grace of God," by "Divine Right"---that is, by special authority from
Heaven---are intrinsically not only the merest miscreants and wretches,
engaged solely in plundering, enslaving, and murdering their fellow men.
. ."

They are merely, ". . .despicable creatures, who call themselves
emperors, and kings, and majesties, and most serene and potent princes;
who profess to wear crowns, and sit on thrones; who deck themselves with
ribbons, and feathers, and jewels; and surround themselves with hired
flatterers and lickspittles; and whom we suffer to strut around, and
palm themselves off upon fools and slaves
[] as sovereigns and lawgivers
specially appointed by Almighty God; and to hold themselves out as the
sole fountains of honors, and dignities, and wealth, and power---all
these miscreants and impostors know that. . ." as soon as the masses see
through their *brand* they, ". . .will unmake them, strip them of their
gewgaws, and send them out into the world as beggars, or give them over
to the vengeance of the people they have enslaved. . ."