Re: SPACE: Cassini Mission Consequences

den Otter (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 12:25:42 +0200

Richard Plourde <> wrote:

> For example, in 1997 we have no control over a killer-asteroid.
> If, on the other hand, we had continued developing
> out-of-earth-orbit space craft in 1970, then very possibly we
> would have control over such a killer asteroid.
Really? What if you stuff a (slightly modified?) space shuttle full of
nuclear warheads and send it on a collision course with the asteroid so
that it either gets blown to small, and relatively harmless bits, or
changes direction so that the impact is avoided. That would
probably do the trick...hell, you could sent *all* your space
shuttles and/or regular heavy rockets, filled to the rim with the world's
finest nukes, against this thing. What do you have to loose, right?
It may not be easy, but it certainly wouldn't be *impossible* to do
something like this (I'm sure there are other, much better options).
If you can disintegrate whole cities in a single blast, and you can put
people safely on the moon, you also can stop an asteroid IMHO.

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