Re: meteoric collisions

Forrest Bishop (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 15:03:25 -0500 (CDT)

danny wrote:
>I posted a while ago about how could we prevent asteroids from hitting our
>space colonies. Ive thought of a way... We could build spacecraft/robots to
>scout the solar system for debris.

? The idea is old.

>Something else....
>It seems that after billions of years the asteroids of the belt and the
>kuiper/oort clouds have settled into gravitational, mathematical
>relationships with each other, such as a symbiotic state. It would be
>interesting to know what that state is. Its probably still chaotic, but
>there must be order in that chaos by now, chaos attractors. Theres probably
>a higher order behind it all.

A very interesting article in *21st Century Science & Technology*, Spring 1997.
"The Keplerian Harmony of Planets and Moons" speaks of an "ordering principle"
bases on the barred spiral form of many galaxies. The author, Lothar Komp,
has presented several diagrams with spirals fitted to major axes of various
bodies, including the Solar System,
and points out a great many resonances I was not aware of, e.g that
Venus' day is locked to Earth's year. There is also a section on a relationship
between the radius of a body and its period (!),
The barred spiral may be considered a chaotic attractor.
The theory deserves a closer inspection.

Forrest Bishop