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Sun, 21 Sep 1997 15:20:11 -0400 (EDT)

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<< << But to show I can, I shall now prove four related propositions:
1) The sky is green.
2) The sky is purple.
3) The sky has red polka-dots.
4) (Generalized:) The sky is any color.

1) Sun is yellow. Sky is blue. Yellow + blue = green.
2) The sky is purple, at night.
3) The stars are polka-dots. Some of them are red giants.
4) There are many planets in the Universe. Some of them will have skies
any given color.

I did not make up the explanations first. First I made up the
then I proved them. Note that every explanation is *true*. No matter how
ridiculous the propositions may seem, they are quite correct. If I'd shown
you those propositions and told you I was going to prove them, you would
laughed. Instead you are now placed in the position of asserting that they
are sober fact.

Which they aren't. Three are flawed. You see, given my enormous talent in
the area of rationalization, I have become *very* good at detecting
ones. But can you find the flaws?

they're all flaws,

1) the sky is only blue and yellow, not green, but then again there are
sometimes tints of greens in storms and at sunsets
2)if the sky is purple it isnt fully night, but then again in cities that
have pollution the sky may look purple
3)stars are not polkadots, they're stars, but then again stars are just
to define those bright round things in the sky, and they llok like points
rather than dots, or maybe just very small dots
4)you dont know for a fact about those planets, they could or couldnt, but
there's a high probability they could

so they all can be explained either way, as a lot of things are that way, so
there's a mystery to it.

The proof about astrology is that is that many if not all the predictions
correct in some way. Astrology is very old. there's a tribe in africa (the
dogon tribe) who have known about the star sirius b (sirius a's companion,
the sirius constellation is what the pyramids of giza are aligned to)
thousands of years before we had the technology to discover it. It proves
theres a mysterious force, and the thing is there's SO many things like


I forgot to ask, what were your explanations for how they were wrong?