WIRED Magazine: Future of Fitness

Natasha V. More (natasha@extropic-art.com)
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 11:54:22 -0500

"The Future of Physical Fitness"

I was interviewed for this months issue of Wired covering the future of
physical fitness. (See page 76.)

"Pants feeling a little but snug? You're not alone. According to a recent
Harris poll, three out of four Americans above the age of 25 are carrying a
couple extra pounds. Thankfully a battery of scientists, personal trainers,
and engineers are watching your weight even if you're not. Exercise
manufacturers, taking a cue from the likes of Nintendo, are turning
treadmills into videogames. And gymwide intranets promise to regiment and
track your workout routines. "Wired" physical fitness is shaping up."

Wired displays a timetable with experts' projections on the following:
Fitness-Machine Connectivity; Safe and Effective Muslce-building Pill;
Multiuser Exercise Videogames Catch On; America Gets Into Shape.

Interviewed were: "Mike Benjamin, president of Tectrix Fitness Equipment;
Ray Giannelli, vice president of research and development at Cybex, Natasha
Vita More, bodybuilding guru and founder of Transhumanist Art and Extropic
Art movement; Vincent Scalisi, editor of "Muscle & Fitness" magazine."