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>Finally, one more, last, thing, Chris R. Tame wrote:
>> Doesn't anyone read books anymore? Why do so many people on the net ask
>> elementary questions which are much more satisfactorily answered by
>> going to the basic literature rather than by a flurry of incomplete or
>> sketchy net responses? Who wants to spend time typing in elementary
>> introductions to basic libertarian thought?
>I read books, I find it, however, much less boring and time consuming to
>ask other persons. Or do you read a book every time you have a doubt or
>a question?
>Thank you all for your replies,

It'a a shame that you find books, exciting repositories of ideas and
knowledge (as well as nonsense) boring.

My point is, that the questions you have asked are all dealt with in
great detail in the basic texts of libertarianism and economics. You
will find much more satisfactory answers to your questions by consulting
the standard literature in various subjects. No one is going to spend
their time typing in answers with the same degree of detail, evidence
(and probably knowledge) that you will find in the existing literature.

The answer to your question is, generally, "yes". The most efficient
way to gather basic information is to consult books/articles (and to ask
initial questions about which are the best ones to consult). Once you
have got a grasp of the field it is then appropriate and productive to
ask questions about, or critcise, the gaps or problems in the

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