Re: ECON: Dutch Miracle or Dutch Disease?

Joost de Lyser (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 01:25:11 +0200

At 08:16 AM 9/20/97 +0000, Mark Grant wrote:

>On a related subject I'd be interested to know how much the Dutch economy
>benefits from sales of illegal drugs to other European countries, and how
>much of that trade is included in the GNP figures.

I can't imagine the drug industry laundering its profits in the
Netherlands, considering the tax climate. ;)

As for smaller sales (considering export only = border traffic & drug
tourism), i doubt it is more than a fraction of embezzlements of combined
businesses in any single (important) official industry sector.

p.s.: In the dutch news today: Reverend has problems with the local
authorities, for providing addicts with free heroine in his church.

Joost de Lyser