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20 Sep 1997 03:07:29 +0200 writes:

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> << The sacred geometry site you mention is just this kind of analogous,
> nice non-reasoning. Beautiful symbols (I really appreciate the beauty
> of geometry), vague analogies with no need for proofs or confirmation.
> It really doesn't lead anywhere but gives a nice, cozy feeling. It
> is muzak for the brain! Compare this to the zometool pages, which
> provide a tool for real exploration and contains real mathematical
> relations; this is the road to real self growth.
> >>
> Have you looked at the page? It's pretty scientific, they use computers and
> formulas and a whole bunch of stuff for what they do. Try reading some of
> the article without a bias, and then you'll learn something worthwile.

Use of computers and formulas does not make an idea scientific, it
is their rigiorous application that makes it scientific. I really
tried to read some of the articles without bias, but it is hard to
avoid when one sees loose reasoning and faith masquerading as fact.
In many cases I got a feeling of total emptiness (and not in the
positive Zen sense!) hidden behind pretty words and pictures. It is
sad, since I would really like something like this to be true: an
unified world, interconnected through the elegance and intricacies
of geometry. Unfortunately this site (and the many similar sites
on the net, they are legion) doesn't get there.

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