Re: sacred geometry

Anders Sandberg (
20 Sep 1997 00:18:52 +0200 writes:

> here is also a very good site on sacred geometry:

The question is: what is it good for?

I once wrote a semi-serious text about the occult significance of the
five platonic polyhedra, the archimedian polyhedra and the simple groups.
I based it on some fun analogies (4 sides of a tetrahedron = 4 elements,
INRI = the Klein 4-group) and then developed them. No stringency, no
real logic, I just went with my feelings and invented connections where
I wanted. Then I published it on alt.magick - and got a lot of encouraging
responces. Many people actually thought I had come up with something
worthwhile, and this disturbed me. I could have written almost anything,
and it would have made sense to them!

The sacred geometry site you mention is just this kind of analogous,
nice non-reasoning. Beautiful symbols (I really appreciate the beauty
of geometry), vague analogies with no need for proofs or confirmation.
It really doesn't lead anywhere but gives a nice, cozy feeling. It
is muzak for the brain! Compare this to the zometool pages, which
provide a tool for real exploration and contains real mathematical
relations; this is the road to real self growth.

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